Parsnip crisps




  • 3 or 4 parsnips (500g) 1/2 a lemon 1t peppercorns 1t Himalayan rock salt 1T coriander seeds


Step 1

Wash the parsnips and top and tail them. There is no need to peel 1.Wash the parsnips and top and tail them. 2.Slice them fairly thinly into the mixing bowl. 3.The mandolin makes an easy job of this, but you can use a kitchen knife. 4.Drizzle over the juice of half a lemon. 5.Grind and add the peppercorns. 6.Add the salt. 7.Grind and add the coriander seeds. 8.Mix everything together using a wooden spoon until all the parsnip slices are coated. 9.Place all the crisps on a dehydrator tray. 10.Dehydrate for a day at 41C (105F) 11.Serve. Just use them as crisps. Take them with you on one of those long walks. They will keep for quite a long time in an airtight container.

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