Green Smoothie


Don’t add too much Stevia. Just a few sprinkles. Use enough water to fill the top of the blender. Adjust blender to liquidfy. If Blender jams, add more water. Added bonus: Put in some Chia seeds (Don’t stir in – will stick to sides) Added bonus #2 (Sprinkle ONE shake of Cayenne Pepper in glass) Over time the Ginger root will get larger and you will add more sprinkles of Cayenne Pepper.


  • 2 Large Lemons, 1 Med- Large piece of Ginger Root, 1 Granny Apple, Ice, Purified Water 4-5 Hand Fulls of Spinach Leaves and Kal Brand Stevia


Step 1

Peel the lemons, remove the seeds. Squeeze every bit of juice into the blender, next add the water and ice, peel the Ginger root, chop it up in fine squares, Slice the Apple (keep peel on), Add the Spinach. Add more water, sprinkle on top Kal Brand Stevia (it is really the best) and blend.

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