The beginning of AWESOME

How good has being alkaline been to you? Wanna tell everyone where you started from and where you ended up? Post your before and after pics here to encourage others!
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The beginning of AWESOME

Post by greenashleaves » Jun 10th, 02:45

Greetings all,

I doubt anyone is really reading this, but nonetheless, it is a useful tool for my own sake!

Today I cleaned out my fridge and begin reading the manual more in depth. I am also beginning the 10-day wellness cleanse tomorrow (although I sort of began today). I went shopping and bought some of the necessary ingredients for living a more alkaline life! Today I made the green smoothing with Granny Smith apples, lemon juice, ginger, and is TART, but I can feel that it is really energizing. Tonight I will review some more of the recipes and decide what I will make tomorrow, as well as starting lesson one of the course!


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