Day 1 continued...I NEED HELP

How good has being alkaline been to you? Wanna tell everyone where you started from and where you ended up? Post your before and after pics here to encourage others!
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Day 1 continued...I NEED HELP

Post by gwnmig » Oct 24th, 22:42

It is now 6:34 pm and from between the last time I posted and now, I literally ate my weight in food.
I had:
2 more cups of french vanilla coffee
A small bowl of Asian Salad slaw with sesame salad dressing(commercial), topped with a bit of dried pineapple dusted with sugary topping and some croutons
Handfull of almonds with wasabi and soy sauce (by blue diamond)
2 oranges
A cup of stirfried brocolli and yellow peppers
a tbsp of white steamed rice with about an ounce of seared salmon with balsamic glaze
and a small slice of cheeze pizza (leftover from the kids...)

and I still feel a hankering for food.

The best part of my day, however, was getting the kids to eat their fruit/veggie with their pizza so that they actually hardly touched their pizza (that I eventually gobbled down).

I already feel like a failure....
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Re: Day 1 continued...I NEED HELP

Post by geoff3030 » Nov 3rd, 05:54

Dear Gwynmig

I encourage you to stay with this program. I am 3 days into it, but feeling so much better already. My wife and I have had low energy and arthritis for years, ate very well, or so we thought (most of our friends would complain we made them feel guilty). We would be att he chirpractor sometimes twice a week and having massage, but still no lasting relief.

What inspires me the most is the logic of the Food combining aspect. I have the diagram on my fridge door, and gave a copy to my son.

Get your children involved and don't use the negative self talk. You are not a failure, you are alive and are trying this diet. I believe we are wonderfully created by a loving God, and I pray that you will soon enjoy the health you dream of.

all the best

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