Alkalizing in 15 minutes

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Alkalizing in 15 minutes

Post by Yuki » May 30th, 18:52

Hi, I am just purchase the course a few days ago, I have a question on the home study course quick start material. It said, "drink 4 tall glasses of water with lemon and baking sode".

Do I do that everytday for my daily water consumption as well - 8 glasses per day?

Lastly, I have trouble committing to don't drink water until 45 minutes after your meal. If I snack constantly, do I need to follow this rule?

If I eat a proper meal 5 times a day (and I should not drink 45 minutes after the meal), but I need to drink 10 cups of water per day and I need to drink them slowly (1/2 cup in 1/2 to 1 hr). That's pretty impossible for me.

Any advise?
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Post by tris » May 31st, 00:04

Personally, I've never had any problem combining water with food at the same time. Still, that's only eating really water-based products - like fruit, vegetable and nuts.
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I am unable to download the course after paying for it Dec.

Post by carol13 » Mar 27th, 19:55

I do not have the page "thanks for enrolling" as I accidentally deleted it after computer problems. I only have 2 chapters.
How can I get the course materials?
I have sent at least 20 emails and each tells me they are just automated responses. FRUSTRATING!!!!!!

Thanks if you can help me, I have all but given up starting this.

C Johnson
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