Is it wrong? At the left-right intersection Not immediately

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Is it wrong? At the left-right intersection Not immediately

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On the planet there are jackpot168 slot quite a few people who have had problems with "Left-Right Separation" is actually a left-right story. It's a very close story. So much that it shouldn't be a problem. Anyone who heard it thought it was a joke. Especially in adults That age is not a little But why is there a problem with such a small thing? With the left and right?

But actually this problem is not a joke for people who are, yes! This problem really exists. And there are also quite a few And found mostly in women And like this, do you wonder? Why some people can't immediately separate left and right

Malfunction in left-right separation
There will be a certain group of people who have trouble separating from left to right. If you go left or right to this group, You'll find that he has to pause for a moment before he can give directions. Someone (right-handed) has to raise one hand. And tell yourself in your heart whether you use this hand to write a book If so, then this is the right side! Simply put, this group of people couldn't immediately tell which side was the left. Which side is the right side He had to take a moment to consider it before he could tell.

Left and right perception Is the work of the nervous system The same is true for other abilities such as sensory, visual, language, logic and memory.

Malfunction in left-right separation It is found more in women than in men. Because usually The left brain controls the functions of the right body. And the right brain controls the functions of the left side of the body. Women use both hemispheres at the same time, causing confusion easily when separating from left to right. While men use the brain one by one Therefore, there is less chance of confusion about left and right than women

This theory of the left and right brain was discovered in 1960 by neuropsychologist Roger W. Sperry. His research found that the left brain controls the right hemisphere. On the other hand, the right brain controls the functions of the left hemisphere. This is due to the fact that if the left hemisphere is damaged and damaged Will affect the right body

People who have this problem When talking to people close to you You may feel that you are wrong. Because people close to you, no one is like that But in reality Not a small number of people have this kind of left-right confusion, just like you. It takes about 1-2 seconds or has to raise your hand to compare which hand is used to write a book before you can tell. It was a malfunction. But it's not a serious matter. If you are still able to use your daily life normally But if you are someone who can really not separate left and right. Or it takes a long time to be confused This aspect has an impact on our daily life. May need to see a doctor to discuss the problem.

Left-right confusion is a serious matter for some people.
In normal people who can not immediately separate left and right. You can still use your daily life normally. There was no problem except taking a long time to think. Or often wanders in the direction of the lost direction on a regular basis But this is a serious problem in some occupations such as doctors, nurses or people who have to drive. Because the symptoms can not be separated left or right immediately It can affect your own life and that of others.

In the case of doctors or nurses The inability to immediately separate left and right from each other First of all, the normal work process in this profession is quite complex and requires concentration. Combined with the hospital environment that is always busy. It may be easily distracted. In situations where urgent decisions are required, such as life-saving surgery With confusion left and right This makes it more stressful and stressful to some people. You have to stand still for a minute to calm your mind.

Secondly, because the work of doctors and nurses must be facing the patient. The doctor's left, right and the sick's left and right are on different sides! The doctor's right side will be to the patient's left. In this situation The confusion becomes even more worrying. Because it can cause errors such as surgery on the wrong side of the kidney Or amputation of the wrong leg (Even if planning to work in a systematic way), this error is quite damaging.

Or in the case of people driving The inability to immediately separate the left and right directions. Affect the decision to choose the direction on the road In a tight situation where decisions have to be made, left and right come up. Sudden steering Or slow down the car to consider left and right first Risk of causing an accident

However, there are people who are trying to find techniques to help this group. To be able to separate left and right easily and faster By spreading out the thumb and forefinger The hand that makes the L shape is the left hand, so let's test it out. Whether you c
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