food to lower or clear out estrogen

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beth ann cole
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food to lower or clear out estrogen

Post by beth ann cole » Jan 19th, 13:09

Hi, to make a long story short.. I have been into alternative therapy and health for year.. and began taking bio-identical progesterone (withan excellent doctors care) and estriol 3 years ago. world of difference. severe female problems and severe PMS disappeared.
In my last routine test.. that I requested.. because I could feel old symptoms returning .. the test affirmed my suspicion. On a scale of 1-37.. my estrogen level is 1578!!!!!!!! no joke.. my doctor was worried about my mental health state.. but feels that all the other cleansing and detoxing and proper nutrition ( green food, probiotics, etc..) have staved off the worst of it.
BUT.. we need to clean me out of estrogen. I know it is a long shot.. any ideas? I am staying on the progesterone to assist. I ask.. because even the doctor is admittedly confused.. and studying up on this. HELP!
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Post by tris » Jan 19th, 16:43

Long shot guess for a long shot question, could you up the pro-g dosage?

The only other idea I had would maybe to go into a detoxification cleanse. A rebuilding process of green juices, digestion supplements etc. etc. probably heard it before. While your doc is reading up, maybe you could try my own variation on what is known as the "Lemonade diet".

1) 8 oz/250mL/1 cup of water
2) 1/2 tablespoon wheat/barley grass powder
3) 2 tablespoons real lemon juice
4) 2 tablespoons real maple syrup (Grade B, not the $2 stuff the $8-10 stuff)
5) a personalised dash of cayenne ground pepper.

If you can hack it, try living off this for a few days, or however long you would like to try until you feel ready to compare results. This is an alkaline atomic explosion inside your body, and needless to say the body won't have many complications coming from its' digestive system during the period.

If that does not work, well at least it could possibly rule pH out as a remedy...

Hope your next meeting with the doctor bares some fruit. All the best!
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Post by SJH » Jan 20th, 20:31

Doing a "fast" can help a lot. I also study Ayurveda and they state that it is very dangerous to "fast" during the winter months, esp. if you are a 'Vata'. Just something to keep in mind, as it could make matters worse.
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Post by hellsbells » Jan 21st, 06:17

Hi Bethann
Firstly I think you need to find out why your estrogen level is so high. You aren't consuming heaps of soya products or soya milk, are you? These contain phytoestrogens (estrogen mimicks) which the body recognises as normal female estrogen, The best way to get estrogen, progesterone and testosterone into the correct balance for your body is by increasing your progesterone, which I see you are already doing. However you seem to be using perhaps a synthetic progesterone? If you are, you need to switch to a wild yam cream which is a natural source of progesterone. The progesterone knocks down the level of estrogen which then allows your testosterone to rise up naturally. There are some wild yam creams on the market but if you can't find one I can help. Hope this helps.
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Re: food to lower or clear out estrogen

Post by Gogi22 » Mar 3rd, 11:47

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