Supplements and Medications

Do you have a specific health related issue that you would like to discuss? This is the place for it.
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Great Advice!

Post by victay » May 25th, 14:39

I enjoyed your comments about herbs & medications. I have epilepsy & use Keppra. I am under the supervision of a nutritionist that has me on herbs for my Thyroid, Pituitary & Adrenals. I am trying to get my hormones back in balance as I am in premenopause. So thank you for your thoughts they were very helpful.
I'm making known my 10-day commitment to the challenge. I have never had a weight problem in my life. I really believe this will help me since I enjoy eating healthy overall. It is my goal to lose 40 lbs.
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Re: Supplements and Medications

Post by nimal12 » Jan 30th, 03:12

I haven't been taking medication along with the supplements, but i indeed use supplements a lot.
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Re: Supplements and Medications

Post by GAndy » Jan 30th, 11:27

very useful information. really I got to know about a lot of new things.
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