Want to get rid of this psoriasis!!!

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Want to get rid of this psoriasis!!!

Post by mae2mac » May 21st, 23:45

I can't stand this anymore. I'm covered from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. I'm trying to eat more alkaline food and am drinking some sort of super greens drink. Don't remember the name as it is at my mom's. But I'm getting new spots everyday. help
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Post by gipper » May 22nd, 01:21

One theory on psoriasis------when your body's toxicity level exceeds its ability to handle these toxins through the normal organs---kidneys, lungs, liver,etc., the skin becomes a last resort to eliminate these toxins and psoriasis, excema and a multitiude of other skin maladies can result. So, the solution is to limit the toxins you are taking in via, foods, stress, environment, whatever, and do a major detox on your body via organ cleanses and an alkaline diet. Others will identify a hundred different things that caused their psoriasis, but the fact is they were exceeding their bodys ability to handle toxins and the skin became involved.
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Post by mytuk » Jul 24th, 10:55

I have suffered psoriasis for nine years, triggered by strep throat whilst on holiday in Tunisia. At one point was hospitalised after eating bad sea food, the psoriasis exploded, legs swlled to 3 times usual size, skin split, pustules, top of head to bottom of feet. Tried the usual creams lotions, potions to no avail. This year decided full on war against this afflication and after many many hours on research I would advise the following.
Psoriasis is an autoimune response, therefore, anything and everything you can do to help and improve your immune system. I firmly believe that a persons health is governed by their digestive tract and it's condition.
Check out 'leakygut syndrome' on the internet as this could be possible psoriasis cause.
Let NOTHING pass your lips that has been processed. Eat only freshly prepared food. Eat as much organic as you are able to find. Remember quality over quantity. if you find expensive in your area.
Keep your diet very simple. Aim to eat 80% raw fruit and veg.
Do not eat anything that comes from a pig (and no, I am not jewish or muslim) I looked for reason as to why the pig is labelled 'unclean'; it is not just unclean, it is disgusting and highly poisonous. The report found is incredibly long, so unable to post. Anybody wishing the details, I can attach to an email. Plus anybody wishing names of products I have found to improve the look of psoriasis and stop the itching or wish the information I have gleaned, again I can attach to an email.
Be optomistic, there are people out there that have won over this condition!
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The quest to calm psoriasis

Post by Bette » Sep 1st, 03:41

I have suffered (moderately to severely) with this problem for 30 years. A doctor of naturopathy said that there are three items that cause alergic reactions which most people are not aware of - strawberries, dairy products and wheat. I've eliminated all dairy and strawberries (I miss those lovely red berries!) and have had some success as my psoriasis is milder now and breakouts are not on a daily basis.

This doctor gave me tiny sulphur pellets which are dissolved under the tongue. I've also found a wonderful cream wich contains sulphur that I apply several times a day. This has had the most effect on my psoriasis.

I spent several days at White Sulphur Springs, Montana and after two, 2 hour hot sulphur baths, my psoriasis was GONE! Unfortunately, I can't move to Montana so I'm still battling this issue.

I agree that it is diet related but finding exactly what causes it takes so much time and is difficult to pinpoint. I had a tissue analysis done and I was found to have almost no toxins in the report although I do feel that the toxins in our food and air must play some role in all of our ailments.

I am now eliminating wheat for the next 3 weeks and going on this diet. I only eat wild salmon (and on a very limnited basis) - no beef, pork, etc. I'm hoping that an almost completely raw, whole food diet will finally rid me of this incredibly agonizing skin condition.

I'll keep you posted
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Re: Want to get rid of this psoriasis!!!

Post by Amberline » Sep 12th, 14:30

I have psoriasis on hands and i'm using psoeasy psoriasis cream to keep it in order. Sometimes i also use oil from this manufacturer.
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