Adequate protein in alkaline diet

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Adequate protein in alkaline diet

Post by twinjan » Jan 16th, 06:12

I'm just beginning a more alkaline approach to my eating. Husband doesn't like it much. My blood work in the past has always shown that my protein level is low. I'm concerned about eating mainly lots of veggies and wondering if this type of eating pattern would lower my protein intake even more.

Has anyone else ever had this problem? If so, what did you do and do you have any suggestions for me?

Blessings to all!

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Re: Adequate protein in alkaline diet

Post by alkaeasy » Jan 7th, 13:53

Hi Twinjan,

Plants can synthesis upto 20 amino acids but many of them are incomplete.

The best protein sources to have in an alkaline diet are tofu, black beans, soy beans, quinoa, lentils, chickpeas and tempeh.

There are many other protein sources that do not derive from meat and can easily be found by searching on Google.

I hope this helps.
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