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Alkaline Diet • Sarcoma Patient needs advice
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Sarcoma Patient needs advice

Posted: Jan 1st, 20:16
by Ballistix
Hi everyone,

I'm a spindle cell sarcoma fighter and I've been told I am now in palliative care from November 2011. I have sarcoma mets in bone and soft tissue including my lungs...after a primary bone tumour resulting in my right leg being amputated in May 2010 then in 2011 left lung halved and right resected. Sadly it came back in anger.

I really need some help with the alkaline diet I should embark on. Does anyone have a list of stuff I should just go and buy??! Please. It's all quite technical here and I do hope someone can help me with a daily list I can start taking immeditately and a diet regime.

I have two young children of 10 and 3 and I desperately want to live as long as I can!