Seriouse Digestion Problems HELP!!!

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Seriouse Digestion Problems HELP!!!

Post by CountMonteCristo » Aug 9th, 10:35

Hi i started getting really bad digestion problems about 6 weeks ago so embarked on alkaline diet from Dr Youngs book the Ph miracle.

I was having blood in my stool. Pain in my abdomen right and left. Constant diarreha. Swollen Lymp Nodes in neck and back of head. Eze,a type skin on face and neck. Very scary stuff to be honest. I dont believe in convential science so thought natural way would be better.

Ive been doing the diet for 6 weeks now have had bit of improvement in terms of the rashes on my face and neck. I stopped getting blood for a bit but soon as my ph drops it goes back.

Basically my biggest concern is im 6ft 2 and only weigh 8 stone now. I cant stop losing weight its really scaring me and i dont know what to do. If i go hospital they wont be able to help if its serious condition and diet doesnt seem to be working.

Ive been eating raw shakes made with avocado. I had 6 glasses of vegetable juice a day. 8 spoons of baking soda a day. 2 spoons in one litre. 16 desert spoons of udos choice oil. Raw almond butter spoons. 1 multivitamin. Ive tried avioding all sugar although i find it hard and have slipped up few times. Ive eaten raw foods and stuff but nothing seems to digest i end up running to the toilet after i eat. Im scared im going end up losing too much weight and starve to death. I dont know what to do someone please advise me. Im from the UK im 24.

How can i get my food to start digesting again. I know stress is causing alot of my problems find it so hard to not to be stressed going through all of this. I dont know if i should go hospital.
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