arthritis from protein and water

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arthritis from protein and water

Post by skboren » Feb 19th, 20:22

So I have been following the diet for a week now. I have the most bizarre pattern of arthritic pain, which the diet hasn't alleviated as of yet: My joints hurt after I eat anything abundant in protein, including poultry, fish, and legumes. I also have the joint pain after drinking water. I don't have a water ionizer...I just put baking soda in the water from our Brita filter pitcher.

When I drink water, usually the joint pain is only in my elbows and consists of fairly mild twinges. But when I eat legumes, like last night's dish of red lentils and kale, I get the joint pain in elbows, fingers, ankles, and other joints, and it lasts until I wake up the following morning.

Can anyone think why on earth I would get joint pain as the result of dietary protein and water?

Thanks for any help! I can't imagine it's a food sensitivity, since it seems to apply to any food that has a high protein content, and to plain old water. What should I do?
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Post by oboest » Aug 17th, 15:46

hi- my name is marianna- i have had rhematoid arthritis for yrs.i read abt yr pains in yr joints and the protein and water you tok- now i have learned that too much protein can also cause inflation...........are you drinking 6-8 glasses of water thru-out the see-there is no magic recipe-i have found- you must experiment yrself and you will slowly find the rt amts of foods- dont eat much at a time- and very importantly- do not eat late- try eating morning and mid-after-noon. drink water at night..........i also meditate -sahaj yoga..........and that helps enormously- are you exercising.............very important.write to me
Marianna Zaleski
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