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Alkaline Diet • LPR/GERD
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Posted: Dec 23rd, 15:04
by Xhale12
Hey guys.

I am 19, and have a severe case of LPR. LPR is basically reflux of the throat. I don't get much heartburn as the acid instead travels quickly up into my larynx and does not stay in my esophagus. The pain is unbearable. I can barely talk, swallow, eat, or do anything anymore. I am in desperate need of help. It has been like this for 3 months.

Currently the doc has me on a low-acid diet. TONS of bread and whole grains, bland chicken and fish, bannannas, etc. Need to stay away from vinegar, ketchup, mustard, lemons, and all that stuff.

However I'm learning from this site that the diet she put me on is still very acidic..... I'm so lost.

What diet should I follow?!


Posted: Nov 16th, 02:22
by Snettoo
For starters you do not have proper diet. Look up online how to find lists of alkaline foods and start with those. Grains are acidic. You could go to a Naturopath doctor and receive tons of nutrition help along w/ some ways to soothe the burning .one thing that has been helping me is, having green smoothies or juices. I make them in a blender. Ex: a couple small handfuls spinach, (coconut water), or almond milk 1cup. And some avocado or cucumber. Blend till liquified. It's very alkaline and is comforting internally. You could buy green smoothie drinks but make sure no added sugar as its acidic.
Good luck, hope you get relief.


Posted: Sep 13th, 09:30
by somi
nice one!!