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Post by tom1980 » Feb 7th, 00:04

cheers for that Ceci, ill start eating these foods raw and give a reply on about the 16-18th of this month to update on my progress.

1 other question, is there anything beneficial i may gain to juicing all the vegetables rather than eating them normally?

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Post by tom1980 » Feb 7th, 04:44

no worries Ceci, going by what eagle2 has explained im going the whole losing weight part of what he experienced. My poos (definately feels weird typing that!!! hahah) were green but now they are yellow and im starting to loose weight....all up this week ive lost about 6 kilograms....

Looking at my psoriasis today though it is flakier by my spots are quite red and warm to the touch but not elevated above the rest of my healthy not reading too much into that though as its only been 5 days...could this be my body starting rid itself of toxins and a natural reaction?
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Post by redballoon » Feb 11th, 00:49

tom, I have had horrible eczema or something similar on my arms, legs, neck and face. It was driving me crazy and I was at a total loss. Started juicing and alkalizing and it is definitely getting better. It's been about 4 weeks but the inital couple of weeks, I lost sooo much skin flaking off. Now it's down to where yours is (probably was much worse to start with) and this is how it started with me, then went to dead, thick, hardened skin (and that's what sloughed off). Here's a link that seems to describe what has been happening to me. Maybe you can gain some insight from it. Best of luck and don't lose heart!

Here's another link that describes one woman's battle with eczema.

and one on the healing process

All these links have helped me immensely by just giving me hope and knowing what may happen while I'm getting better. The getting worse before you get better can be very hard to take. Read my post on "healing crisis?!?!"
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Post by tom1980 » Feb 14th, 02:55

Hi All,

Its been 2 weeks now that i have been on this raw green vegetable diet and apart from noticing a huge improvement in the itchiness of my psoriasis i havent noticed a reduction in the shape of form of the psoriasis.

Ive also noticed 1 or 2 little spots around the outside of larger areas of psoriasis form on my left elbow, whether this is a reaction to me doing my bowel cleanse im not sure.

I feel pretty good on this diet, while its limited in its variance i dont feel tired or anything, also my poos have started turning green which i hear is a good thing????

Ive added Omega 3 fish oil this week to my daily regime taking 3 capsules a day, is there any adverse affect of taking more per day? Also in 4 days time im going to do a liver cleanse to see how that goes and see the reactions i get from also taking epsolm salt baths about 2-3 times a week and have been showering without using any soap whatsoever. Ive lost quite a bit of weight, about 10kgs (roughly 22 pounds) but my weight loss is starting to taper off now and im not loosing as much so quickly...

However having said the above this isnt a sustainable diet, you need massive amounts of will power to just see you through the first couple of weeks. If i dont see any improvement in the next 2 weeks im going back on the methotrexate and will give it another go in conjunction with a qualified dietician (who most likely will add food groups that i wasnt eating) next year.

Im pretty confident im doing everything right to help my body get back to normal...if there are any suggestions feel free to comment!!!

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Post by SGreen » Mar 28th, 12:57

Hi all,

As a long-time sufferer of eczema (never got to Psoriasis, Praise God), I've been through many potions, diets etc. I would like to suggest to those who are not seeing the results that they were hoping for to consider the possibility of a salicylate intolerance.

Salicylates are a chemical naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables. Some vegetables, like broccoli, are very high in salicylates, and so are most fruits, especially citrus. And of course, if you're juicing vegies or fruits, you're concentrating these salicylates even more.

Not everyone has a salicylate sensitivity, but many do without even knowing it. For a list of symptoms that may be attributed to salicylate intolerance go here

You might want to try a test and if you suspect an intolerance try reducing the vegies or fruits in high salicylate range. Take the following link for a list of foods.

I've just recently bought and started to try the AcidAlkaline Diet, but after an initial improvement, the salicylates just from the lemon juice I jused to start off, accumulated in my system and my symptoms worsened. I realise someone is going to say, yes detox will cause a worsening of symptoms. I understand that principle very clearly, like I said I've been trying all sorts of things for many years. But my ears also started to ring, tinitis being a symptom for salicylate sufferers, plus other telltale signs.

I definately am seeing benefits from cutting out the most acid forming of the foods I can eat in my narrow range, and in alkalising my water. But the full diet is just not going to help me. Lots of iceberg lettuce and celery for me!
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Hi from Eagle2

Post by eagle2 » Jul 26th, 23:02

Hi. I've been reading the forum again and I was wondering if anybody stuck to 'greens only' for a month and if there were any improvements. I'd be interested to hear results.

For my part, I've moved countries (which is why I've been out of touch) and my psoriasis is as bad as it ever was. It seems very stubborn and I attribute it to the change of climate. I moved from Melbourne to Wellington NZ. It's very cold here during winter. I know UV light is a psoriasis treatment so I guess the lack of sun is making it harder for me. I have not been sticking to any particular diet but have just made certain I have mainly veges and salad with meals. That's obviously not doing it though as I appear to be getting worse.

I think I'm fed up with psoriasis enough now that I'll start 'green' dieting again. However, I do not want to lose weight as I look skinny enough already. I'm reluctant to have starches because foods that fill me up seem to trigger my psoriasis, so I'll try to maintain weight through fats which means a good supply almonds/brazil nuts/avacado. I have no idea whether this is a good idea or not. I believe too much fat in the diet can cause constipation, so of course I'll be eating lots of salad as well.

I'm also interested in what topical treatment ideas people have. Ceci mentioned one earlier in the forum (which I haven't tried yet). I just use Sebitar shampoo and some Apple Cider Vinegar (for a smooth scalp). The combination works really well for my scalp but what's good on the face and rest of the body?

Good luck - Steve
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Post by mgrod » Jun 5th, 12:31

I've been doing the alkaline diet and drinking alkaline water for the past few months with great results. My husband doesn't follow the diet or drink as much water as he should, but we found spraying his psorasis with the acidic water from my Kangen machine has been a great solution.
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Salicylate sensitivity

Post by lisasgt » Jun 22nd, 21:23

I have been eating alkaline for the past 6 months and in the last 3-4 weeks have developed a nettle-like rash on my face and neck...since I began to eat alkaline to help my rosacea symptoms, this was very frustrating! I did quite a bit of searching online and am suspecting that this is due to salicylate sensitivity (since my skin is sensitive to almost everything else, it kinda figures, lol.)

Based on the lists of foods high in salicylates I've found, this does extremely limit the types of veggies I can eat, so I'm trying to find as much information as possible. Does anyone know or have access to information regarding the salicylate content of kale, swiss chard, collard greens or kohlrabi leaves?

Also, is there anyone else that has encountered a salicylate sensitivity? Is it something that you can overcome or is it just something you have to deal with...and does anyone have any suggestions for what I CAN eat?

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Post by Noradrenergic » Aug 22nd, 10:05

I was once duped into spending hundreds of dollars on such a treatment. The fact is, such diets have been tested scientifically for effectiveness in the treatment of a large range of conditions. No evidence has been found to date substantiating any efficacy of such treatments.

Thinking mechanistically, this is not surprising. Such diets could not possibly alter blood pH (for example) anything more than infinitesimally and transiently.

I would suggest others approach these claims with a healthy dose of scepticism, and consult a biochemist or legitimate professional for a second opinion before throwing away your money.
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