"Colon cancer" is scary, but can be cured if known quickly and can be treated quickly.

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"Colon cancer" is scary, but can be cured if known quickly and can be treated quickly.

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The matter of ailments is slotxo always unconscious with us, so our surveillance and health-conscious methods are the best preventive measures. Regular annual check-ups will allow us to identify any abnormalities that can occur before it's too late. And when you know quickly Can heal quickly The opportunity to live on is also greater.

Colorectal cancer It is a cancer that kills Thais as much as 1 in 3 of cancer patients. Cancer is the third leading cause of death among cancer patients in Thailand and the 4th most common cause of death among cancer patients worldwide. But still Colon and rectal cancer is a disease that can be prevented. Can be screened And can also be cured as well

Usually, this disease is more common in people aged 50 years and over in Thailand. 11,000-12,000 People per year ever. It was found slightly more in males than in females. The primary risk of colorectal cancer comes from heredity. And health behavior

Health behaviors that are at risk of developing colon cancer include a preference for high-fat foods. Red meat diet Grilled food A diet with less fiber Rarely eat fruits and vegetables Lack of exercise, smoking and drinking alcohol

Recognize colon cancer
The colon is an important organ in the digestive tract. It is a tube about 6 feet long, about 5-8 centimeters in diameter. The walls are made up of muscles. The colon is responsible for absorbing water from the food we eat. And is the storage of food waste before it is excreted from the body through the rectum.

Colon cancer It is a disease that arises from cancer cells of the colon and rectal tissues. Frequently, it is caused by the cells lining the intestinal wall changing and growing abnormally. Become small polyps Then the polyp takes a period of time to develop into a cancerous tumor. Therefore, if he is aware of it quickly, he detects it quickly. And surgery to remove the tumor quickly It can prevent polyps from developing into cancer. But if colon cancer is not treated in time The cancer will spread through the intestinal wall. Which may have to come to the hospital with perforation or intestinal obstruction Or if it is heavy The cancer has spread to other organs throughout the body.

Check for signs of colon cancer or not?
If you have these signals Should see a gastroenterologist for accurate diagnosis.

Found a family history of patients with colon cancer.
Have chronic stomach pain Especially the lower abdomen
Weight loss without a known cause Noticeably pale
Chronic constipation, diarrhea or constipation, with alternating diarrhea.
Feeling pain, pushing, or feeling that the shot was not possible
Abnormal defecation Bloody stools
Feel a lump in the abdomen
The stage of colorectal cancer
Colorectal cancer is divided into 4 stages of the disease:

Beginning to phase 1

Initially, small polyps are found within the lining of the intestinal wall. As the polyp grows larger, it begins to implant in the colon's muscular layer, but does not penetrate the colon's muscle layer. Without spreading to other tissues or spreading to lymph nodes At this stage, the doctor will have surgery to remove the necrotic part of the intestine.

Phase 2

The cancer will spread to the outer wall of the colon and rectum or into nearby tissues. But has not spread to the lymph nodes. Which the treatment will be more complicated than the first stage The doctor will remove the cancerous part of the intestine. In some cases, chemotherapy may be required after surgery. If the cancer is in the distal colon, chemotherapy can be used along with radiotherapy before or after surgery.

Phase 3

This is the stage when the cancer has spread from the colon into the surrounding lymph nodes. But has not spread to other organs At this stage, the doctor will surgically remove the cancerous part of the intestine. In conjunction with chemotherapy after surgery If you have endometrial cancer The doctor will give chemotherapy drugs in combination with radiotherapy before or after surgery.

Phase 4

This is the stage when the cancer has spread to various organs of the body, the most dangerous parts of the liver and lungs. When entering this phase The chances of getting a cure are much less. And still have a high chance of dying The doctor will give you chemotherapy drugs. And consider using drugs that have specific effects on cancer cells for effective treatment. Some patients may need surgery.

Treatment and support of symptoms
The treatment of colorectal cancer depends on the stage. If the patient is aware of it early And diagnosed early Has a chance of being completely cured of up to 95 percent ever Due to the growth of this cancerous lump before it becomes fatal and fatal. It will look like a polyp only. Which, if found early The doctor will surgically remove the necrosis and treat the symptoms until it improves.
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