acid vegetable juice

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Post by Gopisvara » Jul 4th, 21:26

V8 is a commercial product, junk food really. It is pastuerized so it no longer has any enzymes. Your veggie juice should be made fresh from ORGANIC (not commercial chemical-laden like V8 vegetables. It also comes in a metal can which may be aluminum or tin. I even read about how they put pork fat in V8 without listing it in the ingredients.
Get a juicer and make the good stuff,you'll be happy you did.

Bottled juices are on a whole acidic. See the list of alkaline foods for details on which fruits you can juice that are alkaline.
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Post by tris » Jul 5th, 02:36

I would drink a litre of V8 a day for about 3-4 weeks at one stage. This was only a few months ago. Then I realized how the fibre and enzymes are lost through the process.

If you really want a bottled fruit-juice (I don't think they do veggies) in Australia, I would personally recommend a brand called Black Label. It's made from real fruit-pulp (which you can actually see, it is gluggy like a shake) and quite... real, as in quite organic.
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Re: acid vegetable juice

Post by TonyMorel » May 27th, 10:07

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