Correct "presbyopia" according to age with "Femtolasi Presbyon" technology

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Correct "presbyopia" according to age with "Femtolasi Presbyon" technology

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Farsightedness correction สล็อตทรูวอเลท with FemtoLASIK Presbyond or FemtoLASIK Presbyond (formerly LBV: Laser Blended Vision) is a new technology that corrects both age-related presbyopia and congenital astigmatism. Helps to see clearly in both near, medium and far distances in the same eye. Without having to rely on eyeglasses Improves visual acuity so it is important to investigate the problem of presbyopia. So that only one of our eyes Can be used for a long time

Innate farsightedness It is an eye disorder that results from heredity. The cause is either the cornea is too flat or the size of the eyeball is too short compared to the length of the eyeball. Causing light to fall behind the retina beyond the image receiving point Making it impossible to see objects at close distances clearly But can clearly see objects from a distance or may not see clearly both near and far.
Presbyopia (Elderly eyes) This is natural as they age. Usually occurs in people aged 40 years and over, caused by hardening of the lens of the cornea. Less flexibility with more age The muscles around the eyes are weakened. The lens can not be inflated or flattened to help focus the image as before. Making it impossible to see a clear close-up image Affecting various daily life and activities
How to correct farsightedness
Hyperopia that occurs if left unresolved. It may cause the activities or tasks to be fully accomplished. The joy of daily life decreases, so it is imperative to see an ophthalmologist to check your symptoms and examine your eyesight.

The ophthalmologist will recommend effective and suitable solutions for each patient's lifestyle as follows:

Wearing glasses for farsighted people A close look is not clear. One might wear glasses for long sightedness. To help with a close look, such as reading a book. But everyday life is generally viewed in both near - far distances. Alternate by activity As a result, people with presbyopia often have problems with having to wear and remove eyeglasses, fix by wearing progressive lenses with multiple vision glasses for better vision in both distances: far and near.

The use of technology for correcting presbyopia without relying on eyeglasses consists of
1) Near Vision CK using radio waves instead of lasers To heat a small point Passed to the corneal tissue and raised the cornea. But there are disadvantages: The results of the treatment are not permanent for 1-2 years, the results of the treatment will disappear.
2) Near Vision (Monovision) treatment with this method. The doctor will correct the vision by laser to make the right eye able to see more clearly. The non-dominant eye will correct the left a little myopia. For use in a clear close-up vision But because this method makes the two eyesight is very different The patient may adjust his vision. By having difficulty sharing eyesight
3) Scleral expansion is a surgery to stimulate the ocular muscles to contract. Helps to see closer But with this method, the results will not last long. And it is difficult to tell how effective it will be for each person
4) LASIK using FemtoLASIK Presbyond laser FemtoLASIK Presbyond is the solution of presbyopia, nearsightedness, astigmatism at the same time with bladeless LASIK technology. (All-stage laser) by angling the cornea to be more curved and more focal length (Depth of focus). The distinguishing feature of this method is that the patient can see both near, medium and distant near the same eye. Improves visual efficiency

The restrictions of Femto Lasik Presbyon
In this regard, FemtoLASIK Presbyond in presbyopia in age. Will not be able to soften the softened intraocular lens. Cannot restore the weakened eye muscles to function as well as they were when they were young But the laser can help correct the cornea to increase its curvature. For a closer look, but the far sight may not be as clear as possible. This type of treatment is effective for approximately 7-8 years depending on the strength of the eye muscles and the lens of each patient.

Treatment with this method The doctor will examine the eye condition and allow the patient to try trial lens so that the patient can know first and foremost what will be the near and far field of vision. Each treatment should be consulted with an ophthalmologist for treatment appropriate to the eye condition. And the daily life of each person

How to care for and protect eyes and vision
Even farsightedness cannot be prevented. But there are simple ways to help protect our eyes and our vision.

20:20:20 Eye Rest Formula After 20 minutes of work, try to rest your eyes by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds to preserve the eyes and also help prevent eye strain, blurred vision, dry eyes that may arise from use. Too many eyesight
Regular eye examinations
Choose the right eyeglasses for yourself
Always observe eye abnormalities such as one eye, blurred vision, blurred vision, seeing black spots, seeing rays or rainbows around the lights, etc. If symptoms are found, you should see a doctor.
Wear sunglasses When outdoors or exposed to the sun for a long time.
Eat foods that are good for the eyes, such as spinach, kale, carrots, cantaloupe
When reading a book, turn on the light or read in a good light. To help improve vision You don't have to focus your eyes too much, etc.
People with vision problems do not remain silent. Should consult
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