Fantastic product that alkalizes without all the greens.

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Fantastic product that alkalizes without all the greens.

Post by pdxtowerjet » Aug 8th, 15:08

I have been changing my diet steadily since March. However, I had begun using Himilayan Goji juice last November and had already been 'alkalized' simply using it. It not only alkalizes my blood, but addresses my immune system, digestive tract, liver function and countless other functions. I have been able to discontinue my blood pressure and cholesterol meds; have more energy than I have had in over 20 years; have no more menopause symptoms; have lost weight; and can eat whatever I want after being lactose intolerant for over 35 years!
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Post by rlmsav » Oct 28th, 12:48

Hi There,
I am helping work out an alkaline protocol for my sister dealing with stage 4 lung cancer. Do you purchase this juice from a health food store?
I know she's bored with the alkaline water all the time and think I might get some of this for her to try.

B :)
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