Coffee Alternatives

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Coffee Alternatives

Post by kk » Jan 30th, 20:42

Hi CeCe,

Thanks for all of your help so far. I noticed in one of your posts that you said you still drink coffee in the morning. I quit 9 days ago and I still feel like I am going through withdrawl. I still have headaches, I'm tired, I've lost my ability to concentrate and focus. This is really affecting my work. I'm pretty shocked because I only ever drank one or two cups in the morning (and usually half calf.) I did some research and it seems like these symptoms should be gone by now.

I was thinking about just going back to one cup a day, but I feel like I am being beaten by a silly drug. Maybe I will try the tea first and see how it goes.

Thanks again!

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Coffee alternative

Post by alnino » Oct 31st, 12:29

Hi all,

There are indeed more than a few alternatives for coffee out there, but, if you want to try a tasty one which will remind you coffee, try the date coffee made from date kernels called dattero.
It's avail in Australia.
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Re: Coffee Alternatives

Post by Moser » Jul 10th, 10:27

Also, I am thinking about such an alternative. I will read something more on this subject.
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