American researchers "Teach me to drive" to study anti-depression hormones

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American researchers "Teach me to drive" to study anti-depression hormones

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This experiment for mice to drive a tiny car It
slotxo involves the study of the substances released by the body to deal with stressful situations. And researchers believe that the knowledge gained may be more or less useful for guiding people to improve their mental health.

CNN media reported that Scientists at the University of Richmond in the United States began their experiment by dividing mice into two groups. The first group to be in an environment with stimuli Especially the various toys and the second group In a cage without stimulation

Then, two groups of mice were taken into vehicles made of plastic that were attached to wheels. Looks like a miniature car. Inside there is a motor that accelerates the car to move forward. If any mouse can make the vehicle farther from the starting point to the other side of the designated area The reward that awaits them is a sweet crunchy snack.

It appears that rats were raised in an environment with stimuli. Can drive this tiny car well. As for the group who had been in the cage 'failed test' in driving this time

Kelly Lambert, lead researcher at the Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Richmond. Study of the substances released by the brains of these mice By analyzing their feces

What was most noticeable in both groups of mice was the amount of a hormone called corticosterone
Another substance found in rat feces in experiments is DHEA, which controls the reactions that occur in the body when faced with stress.

CNN cited researcher Kelley Lambert that corticosterone. Is ejected when the body is thrilled Facing worries and fears, small and big.

DHEA is a substance that prevents the body from prolonged stress from the amount of corticosterone. That may be very toxic.

The researchers found that getting the mice to do difficult things, such as driving a car, in this experiment. Help them train them to deal with stressful events. And recover from a state of panic

Ajarn Lambert said it looked like letting the mice control the vehicle. It is like giving me the ability to control the situation.

The knowledge gained from this experiment can be applied to humans. Although humans have brains that are much more complex than mice, scientists know that the substances that rats release Indicates recovery from stressful situations This ability is a tool to prevent the first stage of mental illness such as depression.

The research authors call the behavioral modulation prevention of mental illness 'behaviorceuticals', which help the body release hormones that prevent long-term stress.

For humans, something comparable to 'The rats' driving activity' in experiments could be a knitting-type task that simultaneously practiced the coordination of fingers, paws and brain.

Because these activities contribute to our confidence in our ability to take control of the situation ahead. Although the job is a bit more complicated than usual
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