Do you have an alkaline recipe that you want to share? Other member's would love to see it!
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Post by janetkirby » Mar 15th, 20:50

As a quick snack or light meal ~ guacamole is an excellent choice for those trying to consume more alkaline forming foods
Organic cilantro is an excellent chelator

So quick and easy ~ and delicious

avacados ~ mashed with a fork (1 is plenty for 1 person)
fresh diced tomatoes and / or a couple of tablespoons of salsa
a handful of fresh chopped organic cilantro
1/2 a tsp or so of freshly ground corriander
minced garlic to taste
himalayan salt to taste[/list][/list]
squeeze of fresh lemon or lime juice

I enjoy mine with organic corn chips cooked in sunflower oil
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