fresh fruit

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Cristina Fiorenza
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fresh fruit

Post by Cristina Fiorenza » Aug 1st, 11:20

I love my fruit. Can anyone tell me which are the best fresh fruits (alkaline).
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Post by Gopisvara » Aug 2nd, 00:37

As long as you don't have candida, most friuts will be ok. There are some exceptions though. Maybe someone else can further clarify.
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Post by tris » Aug 2nd, 02:01

Experiment and listen to your body for signs of metabolism. That is really the best way, because the experiences people have with fruit are so varied. It's little wonder considering how easily and quickly they are metabolized.

As a general rule, the more lush and sweeter tasting a particular fruit is, the more alkalizing that fruit will be. Pick the sweeter apple over the other apple, for instance.

It can be difficult to incorporate it with heavier foods. It is recommended to wait a few hours for your stomach to be totally ready for fruit, but in some cases that's not even long enough to stop mild stomach ache, rumblings and gas (not great signs).

Having this problem myself, what I have done is set loose fruit days, and other food days. There are days when I'll just tend to eat nothing but fruits, berries, lemons etc., and days where if I want something heavier, I'll leave out the fruit.
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