Lemon/Cayenne water

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Cayenne Research

Post by Liljujubee » Feb 13th, 19:11

There is a book I've been reading and it was research I believe that was started by Dr. John Christopher. Supposedly cayenne is an extremely powerful heart food. Supposedly he began with a section of live heart tissue and placed it in a beaker of pure water and daily fed it cayenne. The heart tissue would grow so rapidly that they would have to trim the tissue so it wouldn't out grow the beaker. The expirement lasted well over 15 years and the people who took over the expirement after Dr. Christopher's death finally destroyed the heart tissue so they could close the expirement. This is very intriguing and exciting to know that something simple like cayenne can be so powerful at "healing" the heart. If my details are sparce and back and forth I apologize but I suppose that is what happens when you read four books at a time. I get motivated sometimes and impatient so I read multiple books at one time rotating between them. Anyway, I thought this was very interesting to share!

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Post by Jackvinsly » May 5th, 15:16

I think its a lemon water is best fruit juice for every human.it can reduce our fat,it can also use in for stomach it can do destroyed 92% of bacteria in our body within 15 minutes,it will also neutralize the bacteria of meningococcus, typhoid, pneumococcus and staphylococcus in from 15 to 180 minutes.
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Can u use 100% lemon jucie

Post by StormiAngel » Jun 4th, 15:10

Can you use 100% lemon jusice rather then real lemon? :idea:
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Post by debrant » Jun 4th, 18:04

I don't know the answer here but my guess is that 100% lemon juice would do in a pinch but it has been processed so probably would not have the same effect at the same frame of time. It may be something you have to experiment with...
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Re: Lemon/Cayenne water

Post by jaedon » Jan 15th, 08:13

Cayenne stimulates circulatory system that increase your body temperature while lemon is known as natural detoxifier. So, this two if you put together are good to neutralize PH.
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