Fish oil and consumption precautions

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Fish oil and consumption precautions

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One of the marketed dietary
slotxo supplements that are popular with children and adults of all ages, it is inevitable “fish oil” (not cod liver oil) (read more >> Fish liver oil vs fish oil like or How is it different?) It is very popular because fish oil has many benefits. Contains both DHA, which are beneficial for the heart and skin, omega-3s that help reduce the risk of heart disease. Regulate blood lipid levels, blood pressure, relieve pain and inflammation from bone disease. And also helps the development of the nervous system and brain as well

However, some people may argue in their minds that Fish oil is not necessary at all. Just eat deep-sea fish like salmon, sardines, tuna more often, perhaps every day or more than three days a week. It seems to have benefits close to eating fish oil. But for the life of anyone who can not find these fish to eat often. It may be viewed that fish oil is also a good option for promoting good health quickly and easily.

While fish oil is highly safe, it is okay for children to eat well and adults, but there are a few precautions to take. And study to know before running to buy and eat

People who regularly take fish oil. There will be an increased risk of bleeding. Because omega-3 In fish oil, it has anti-platelet aggregation properties. And slow down the bleeding Therefore, people who are at risk of bleeding, such as those who are going to undergo surgery. People with stomach ulcers People who drink a lot of alcohol Or people taking drugs such as aspirin Or warfarin That has properties to reduce blood clotting You may have to take fish oil carefully. If going to have surgery, you should first inform your doctor that you are taking fish oil. And should stop taking fish oil at least 14 days before surgery

Some people may have an allergy to fish oil. Because fish oil comes from sea fish People who are allergic to seafood If you are allergic to fish or fish, you may be allergic to fish oil, which can lead to nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, or diarrhea. But if you are not allergic to fish oil in any way But still have such symptoms May be corrected by eating fish oil immediately after meals. Or start by eating small amounts of fish oil first

Those who already have low blood pressure You may have to be careful when eating fish oil. Because fish oil has properties to help lower blood pressure already.

If you eat more fish oil than the prescribed dose. It may increase the amount of calories we should receive per day. Until it may affect the body on the other hand, that is, the risk of bad fat content. And increased cholesterol And may cause vitamin E in the body to decrease as well

In addition to nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea There may also be other side effects. There may occur such as abdominal tightness, indigestion, or burping more often than usual, etc.
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However, if possible, we would still recommend that the DHA and Omega-3 benefits directly from food. Because besides we will have other useful nutrients From these fish fillets. (Good protein, high fat, high in selenium and vitamin D that helps strengthen the immune system as well) also contains omega-3. From plants like flax seeds, nuts, walnuts and some vegetable oils like rice bran oil and coconut oil Allowing people who are allergic to sea fish to choose to eat as well But if still want to eat fish oil Before you eat, you should check your health. And consult a doctor so that we can eat fish oil that is most suitable for our own health. The real benefit from eating fish oil is better.
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