ATTENTION: Before Asking A Question

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ATTENTION: Before Asking A Question

Post by tris » Jul 21st, 04:47

Hello and welcome to the forum! If you're looking to ask a question about acid/alkaline, many people find this a great place to do so. There are many experienced people on this board who are not affiliated with any organisation which would affect the information they give you. They are glad to help out, because they care about health, they care about your health, and they appreciated the help others gave them when they first started out.

I want to ask you to consider an action that might be a win-win. If you are on this board seeking to post a topic asking a question, there is a very good chance that someone else has already come on this board, and posted a topic to ask the same question.

In effect, this creates many topics on this board which contain the same questions and the same answers. Given that the information has already been posted on these boards, there is a lot of remaking a type of wheel which can move an unlimited amount of people!

Instead of asking your question, it would be a good investment of time and energy to first see if the topic has already been addressed on the boards. It is not the case that those here who spend a lot of time answering and teaching do not enjoy helping others reclaim their physical health. You may in fact find that this opportunity to help - in any format of communication - often forms a large percentage of their life purpose! However, sometimes the focus is not so much on directly answering the questions, but doing what is possible, and often most efficient, to make sure these questions are answered.

Not only will it save people who answer questions much time, but it also means you will likely find an answer to question almost instantly. Instead of having to wait for a response.

How Can I Find The Information I Am Looking For On These Boards?

The program that runs this forum is able to automatically search for specific words. If I had a question in mind, I could think of the most indicative keywords in that question, and then enter it into the forum's search. The forum will then provide me with all topics that contain these words.

To do this:
1. Click on Search (location: on the top-right of the screen, right under where it says "Alkaline Foods & Alkaline Diet Discussion Forum", next to the little magnifying glass).

2. Think of the keywords in your question.

3. Enter these words (1-2 words) in the field that is on the same line as "Search for Keywords:".

4. (You will then see a list of topics that have these words in them.) Have a quick browse through the topics. It will likely not be long until you find the information you are looking for.

Extra Help With Thinking of Keywords

We are in the fortunate position of working with a very targeted and united topic.

Without a doubt, the two most commonly asked questions in this forum are:
1. Is [food] acid-forming or alkaline-forming? and
2. Can I get rid of [condition/disease] with an alkaline-forming diet?

If your category falls into either of these two questions, it will probably be sufficient just to type the food or the physical condition into the "Search For Keywords:" field. (eg. potatoes, fibromyalgia). Virtually all topics about foods and biological complications on this forum concern the acid/alkaline diet! This means that any discussion regarding your keyword is likely to answer your questions about it.

For other queries, mentally strip your wonderings into the most simple-worded question you can think of. Then, type in all the nouns. For instance, want to know whether you should get colonic irrigations? Type in "colonic irrigation", and have a browse through all the discussion surrounding it.

"Search" is a great tool to use, particularly since there tend to be many great replies which find themselves not heavily related to the topic title and opening post.

Of course, if you can't find such discussion, then feel free to make it!
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