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General questions about alkaline and exercise - lifequality

Post by pedersen81 » Sep 22nd, 11:57


I am a guy that take everything about my life and the quality of my life very seriously and i have a few questions about Alkaline. I really want to try this and change my lifestyle to alkaline.

First of all can anybody recommend the best starters kit for becomming alkaline?? I Have searched the internet and i have found a couple of sites and starter kits : 1 PH Miracle Dr Young , 2 : Michael Murray, 3: Anthony Robbins.. Which is the best of these or can i find a better one???

My next qustions is about the foods that are alkaline, does anybody know a swedish site for alkaline or a book with swedish recepies???

Exercise. I exercise 6 times a week max and 4 days in the gym and the rest on bike or playing badminton or something else that i enjoy, i am very active and always work out really hard and intense. If i change my lifestyle to alkaline how do i recover my muscles after training? and how do i build muscles? today i drink a couple of carb+protein shakes and eat a lot of protein what happens when i go all alkaline can my body handle this or what happens and what can i eat to keep my body at a peak state all the time???

How big is the change in my energy levels, wellbeing and everything in my daily life if i go all alkaline??

Thankfull for answers

b.r. Henrik
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