Acid Alkaline Motto Suggestions Anyone?

Welcome! Please introduce yourself, tell us your story. Where are you now and where do you hope to be?
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Post by LindahThe » Nov 10th, 08:40

How about :

"Purifying your Soul, Balancing your Mind, Alkalizing your Body"

afterall its all about mind, body and soul in one package to be a healty being right?

L :idea:
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Re: Acid Alkaline Motto Suggestions Anyone?

Post by CarpinthePark » Feb 24th, 06:18

aminahcc wrote:Hi All,

The Acid Alkaline Diet is preparing to launch new, fresh material and would love to hear your input on a what would be a good motto for us. For instance, the pHbalance site's Motto is "In Balance with Nature."

Feel free to post your ideas on what you think encapsulates what being an Alkavorian means. Ideas on a catchy phrase to motivate us forward in our health and lifestyle practices towards healthy living...

Thanks in advance :-)

How about "Lean Clean and Green"
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A new Motto

Post by Christian » Mar 29th, 07:00

Truely Fit In and Out is my motto. Ever since I started alkalizing my body, I have noticed a change from the inside of my body as well as the outside of my body. I now have more energy and I am losing weight. I never knew to eat fruit alone and drink water only when I do eat fruit and I did not know that it is not a good idea to eat meat and starch at the same time or same meal. I got a list of all alkaline foods and acid foods on the internet and make sure that I split the alkaline with the acid with 80% Alkaline and 20% Acid foods. My Snacks are fruit and water a couple of hours after eating and meals are either 5oz of beef, chicken, or fish with a lot of fresh vegetables and salads. I usually eat 3 tomato sandwiches without meat with lettuce, olive oil mayonase, sea salt and pepper on whole wheat bread. Fiber and lots of water is a key to get rid of toxic waste that builds up in my body. To alkaline the water, I add either fresh lime or lemon juice. I used to depend on 1200 mg of zantac per day for my reflux before I started and now I don't use the pill at all.
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Post by coletterose » Mar 29th, 20:40

I love this site already!
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Rhyming words?

Post by grace123 » May 16th, 10:23

helpline. lifeline .alkaline
baseline. waistline . alkaline
streamline. bodyline. alkaline
hotline. guideline. alkaline
beeline . deadline. alkaline.
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Post by Flipper » Jun 26th, 09:38

"Purifying your Soul, Balancing your Mind, Alkalizing your Body"

Wow, I really like that. Sort of sums it all up in a few words.

I have total brain fog...can't think of anything! how sad.
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Post by helene » Jan 27th, 13:38

:lol: come play with your food :!:
come play with your food
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JUST Started

Post by street129 » Mar 31st, 03:28

im mostly acidily, and i am working on becoming alkaline... more veggies and less meat, i have stop eating meat for a while, maybe i go without meat for a mont.
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Post by gade » May 16th, 20:31

alkalize to vitalize
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Post by AlkalizeForHealth » Jul 11th, 17:59


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Post by skboren » Mar 1st, 18:10

Hi Lisa,

I'm not an expert, but if I were in your situation, I might try to communicate the issue to my inlaws, explaining why you want your daughter to eat an alkalizing diet. Hopefully they would respect your authority as her mother, and be supportive of that. Before she goes on another trip with them, the adults could work together to come up with a plan for feeding her during the trip, taking into consideration what foods will be available, and what methods of preparation will be possible. And all the better if your inlaws happen to eat some of the healthy alkalizing foods, too!

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Re: Acid Alkaline Motto Suggestions Anyone?

Post by dolfindi » Jun 19th, 16:00

Hi, Im Di and have been trying to change the way I eat so that I can get better!! I have spasms in neck & down mostly right side.. I have read if I could get my body acid free, it would change this situation. its very hard for me because I love sweets!! I have been mostly gluten-free for 2 years now.. only when we eat pizza do I cheat.... I also need to lose about 50 lbs .... This week has been really hard on me, because I have been having horrible spasms and cannot sleep & cant stand myself!!! :cry: :cry: I need to do this to get myself feeling better....
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