Coincidence! Scientists have discovered a battery that can l

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Coincidence! Scientists have discovered a battery that can l

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After the previous article was SLOTXO told about the battery. Supercapacitor that comes with special features that only charge for a few seconds was able to use the smartphone for a week (Click to read the latest news) The latest news has been updated once again. This time it's not fast charging, it's the battery. That will last up to 400 years, which is quite simply said. that throughout our lives And the discovery was also by chance, based on the benefit that Sometimes big things happen by chance. More details are as follows.

Mya Le Thai, a researcher at the University of California, Irvine (UCI), has been working on making batteries more efficient and longer-lasting than current batteries by using different materials to develop them. using nanotechnology Special cable filaments were created to serve as electrolytic capacitors. Of course, its small size results in more interior space of the same size. Therefore, it has more capacity. But the fragility and instability of the wires in the nanowires, she solved the problem by coating gold in manganese oxide. and coated with a special Electrolyte gel

From the above process, it was found that the battery can be used with the same efficiency without sacrificing efficiency in electricity storage It was tested with 200,000 charges over a three-month period. In comparison, if used in a smartphone or laptop, it will last up to 400 years.
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