"White flower claw" nail health problems That all ages should not be ignored

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"White flower claw" nail health problems That all ages should not be ignored

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White streaks or white slotxo circular spots appear on the surface of this nail. It is generally known as the white claw that makes our nails look unsightly. Young ladies who are in love with beauty are probably worried about each other. Some people may use a nail polish method to keep any white traces from being eye-catching. But calm first, because today Hello Doctor brings treatment tips. And maintenance of nails to be strong without scratching this to leave everyone together

What is a white claw? What are the causes of it?
The claws are white with small dots. Or white stripes Can be clearly seen on both fingernails and toenails, which is caused by various factors. For several reasons as follows

Caused by injury
Our daily life Of course, accidents cannot be avoided all the time. Including the reason that causes this white flower claw as well Most often it is an accident from accidentally being caught by a finger pinch door. Or accidentally dropped something heavy on your finger And may be caused by frequent visits to nail salons, causing strong scrubbing of the nail surface Until causing damage, resulting in unsightly marks

Lack of minerals
The body's lack of nutrients, vitamins Or some minerals Especially calcium And the mineral zinc can lead to the appearance of white patches on the nails.

Some toxins
Some forms of toxins, such as lead, arsenic, may cause our nails to deteriorate, become unhealthy and cause leukemia. Including blood poisoning as well For this reason, there is often a noticeable white mark on the nail, that is, there are long, white streaks along it.

Nail fungus
Caused by a spreading fungal infection And growing rapidly This is the very first sign that your nails may begin to have foreign material appearing on the nail's surface.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above There are also side effects from your underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, kidney failure, psoriasis, and pneumonia. If you are skeptical about any serious symptoms that may follow, you can consult a doctor at your local hospital immediately. To examine the body in different areas To be more precise

What kind of symbol means "white claw" is emerging?
White, nib-sized white dots, long and large lines across the nail's surface.

Enlarged white spots

How to maintain and choose nail nourishment.
Treatment may vary according to individual characteristics. But at the beginning, everyone can do it by the following method.

White claw flowers caused by drug allergy Should stop using drugs used to nourish nails. And hurry to consult a doctor Along with informing different types of drugs That you use together today
Get rid of mold by antifungal drugs. It is the most basic and simple way to treat white claws. On average, it can take about 3 months for the traces to fade.
Treatment of white claws when receiving an accident Don't worry As your nail grows or grows, this white spot will move along the nail's surface. Allowing you to get rid of it by trimming
Cover the marks with nail polish. Although manicure is one of the problems that can cause white flowers. But you can avoid that by scraping. It's just the paint you like on the surface to cover up the mark. Or may decorate various fashion patterns as you like
Food choices If you want your nails to be strong and not fragile until the injection is broken. Should be maintained from the inside to the outside With the selection of nutrients that contain
Biotin, better known as Vitamin B7
Vitamin B12
Vitamin B9
Omega-3 fatty acids
Vitamin c
These nutrients, when taken properly, can give nails a shiny finish. Strengthen collagen Prevents dry and cracked nails. And reduce marks that may occur on the surface of the nail Like a white flower
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