acid or alkaline?

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Post by tris » Jun 11th, 04:35

You could try buckwheat as a "grain". It is accessible, cheap and versatile. I say "grain" because it actually belongs to the rhubarb family, which makes it a fruit!

The jicama is very similar to the potato. It can be alkalizing but you want to keep the root as natural as possible, (and only the root, as the rest of it contains the poison rotenone - which is the reason it is used to kill fish). It is high in fibre and water, which are the only two considerable nutrients in it. The demand is mainly for the diabetic community, considering its' sweet taste is from oligofructose inulin, which is not metabolized by the body.
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Post by dreamer621 » Jul 7th, 02:08

yam is alkaline, sweet potatoe is acidic
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I-m new and have no idea about the list

Post by Nena » Dec 16th, 19:54

Can someone tell me how I can get the food list.
I want to lose all these kilos
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