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Alkaline Diet • Coconut Oil
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Coconut Oil

Posted: May 2nd, 13:35
by penny
I have seen many referances to only using raw or virgin Coconut oil can anyone offer a name brand that will indicate what is raw or virgin? I found some but I don't know if it's raw or virgin.

Thank You


coconut oil

Posted: Jun 25th, 03:59
by glennrichard
does anyone testify for noticing a difference with sustained oral use of this oil?

Posted: Apr 9th, 03:03
by Rikki
I have been using coconut oil for a few months now. It gives you a lot of energy, and is anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Unfortunately, if it isn't virgin or extra virgin, it's worthless to take internally, as all the goodness has been processed out of it.

I use Nutiva.

Coconut oil

Posted: Apr 25th, 10:07
by crick
I have been using Nulife coconut oil that I buy on the net 400 ml jar approx. $14A cheeper buy the dozen which is the way I buy it.. The pack includes a DVD of benefits.. I use it on skin, hai and scalp and also as a spread, cooking oil and in cereal or by the spoonful. DELICIOUS.

Coconut Oil

Posted: Jul 26th, 11:57
by stumble
I bought 16 oz jars of extra virgin organic coconut oil from Puritan's Pride where the more you buy the less it costs.

I originally bought it to put in my husband's milk shakes (He can only drink thick liquids after recovering from tongue and tonsil cancer) but now I use it as a skin moisturizer. Every night I cover my face with it and the wrinkles are diminishing. My heels were so rough they cracked and I put DMSO on my heels and cover it with coconut oil ever night and now my heels are soft.

The coconut oil did help improve my husband's memory problems.


Re: Coconut Oil

Posted: Sep 24th, 06:26
by Jack
Coconut oil is high in sound soaked fats that have unexpected impacts in comparison to most different fats in your eating regimen, these fats can help fat consuming and furnish your body and cerebrum with fast vitality, they likewise bring the great cholesterol up in your blood, which is connected to diminished coronary illness risk....

Coconut Oil

Posted: Mar 20th, 23:19
by Henrythile
RRM and others what are your thought on Coconut oil vs OO? Do you use coconut oil at all? I heard coconut oil can actually make some break out