Does eating salty make you bloated?

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Does eating salty make you bloated?

Post by jiraporn66 » Jun 22nd, 05:10


Has anyone felt why we are swollen lately even though? that we didn't eat a lot Actually, I secretly think that we are not fat. We might just be swollen. But many people may not know
slotxothat eating salty can make us bloated up. Because eating salt will cause a feeling of hunger and an increased appetite. But how will the details of this matter? The INN team has already figured out the answer. We read together.

I have to ask first if anyone is addicted to eating salty food? The reason why salty foods can cause you to bloat or increase the risk of weight gain is because salty is the flavor that affects eating the most. The salty taste catalyzes our brain's production of dopamine that makes us happy. and satisfaction makes us feel more appetite Especially if someone is addicted to salty taste. It will make us want to eat there and want to eat here all the time.

Everyone knows that eating salty food will increase your appetite. It also results in our bodies edema as well. It is easy to notice from our body that we have edema or not. Whether it's our swollen face, bloated stomach, swollen arms, these symptoms happen because we all eat salty food.

Of course, salty foods are high in sodium. which properties of sodium are When sodium enters the bloodstream, it causes the blood to lose its balance. Our bodies have to store water in order to dissolve sodium. Including our body, it takes a long time to drive out all the water. This is the reason why when we eat salty food, we swell up.
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