Check it out! Who should not have the COVID-19 vaccine yet?

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Check it out! Who should not have the COVID-19 vaccine yet?

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Elderly people and people with
slotxo underlying diseases should get the COVID-19 vaccine. But not everyone is always
After the government gave people the opportunity to register for the coronavirus vaccination appointment. It is free through the “Doctor Ready” application, where high-risk groups get vaccinated first. But not everyone in the risk group is eligible to be vaccinated.

Information from the Ministry of Public Health states that People who should not get the COVID-19 vaccine are:
People with allergic reactions to any component of the vaccine.
Children under 18 years (safety in children under 18 has not been reported).
Patients with chronic underlying disease who are in a recurring condition. Symptoms still not calm
People who should consult a doctor first If you want to get vaccinated, including
Patients with chronic medical conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidneys, lungs, etc.
Severe immunocompromised patients (There is no safety report yet)
Patients currently undergoing chemotherapy, chemotherapy, immunosuppressants. Or being admitted to treatment with certain drugs Some medications may need to be stopped before vaccination.
Pregnant women Breastfeeding women Including women who are unsure whether or not pregnant Always consult your doctor before vaccination.
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