Dentist says Covid-19 vaccine doesn't affect dental work

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Dentist says Covid-19 vaccine doesn't affect dental work

Post by jiraporn66 » Jun 17th, 04:46


Department of Medicine by the Institute of Dentistry explains the COVID-19 vaccine No effect on dental treatment under the use of local anesthesia This can be done both before and after vaccination. safe and effective
Dr. Somsak Ankasil, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services, said that at present, The news is published through online media. The issue is that there are side effects from the use of
slotxo anesthetic in dental treatment. After receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, the information has caused misunderstandings to the public. By the dental treatment that is necessary to use an anesthetic together with that. This can be done both before and after vaccination against COVID-19 under the best patient safety and efficacy. which before treatment should be advised and evaluated according to the procedure by a skilled dentist

What anesthetics are used in dental treatment?

Dentist Sumana Phosritong, specialized dentist Acting for the Director

dental institute added that Anesthetics used in dental treatment include anesthetic agents, drugs that constrict blood vessels. The anti-degradation component of both drugs and part of the solvent

There are 2 forms of anesthetic used in dentistry, an injectable anesthetic and a gel type, which are used to anesthetize the area to be treated. and relieve pain after treatment which does not affect immunity both before and after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in the appropriate and correct amount of anesthesia

Therefore, people undergoing dental treatment can receive an anesthetic injection. to perform dental procedures safely

if not urgent Teeth should be done 2-3 days before or after vaccination.

However, in non-urgent procedures Patients should be admitted for 2-3 days before or after COVID-19 vaccination, but not later than 1 week, to reduce discrepancies in differential diagnosis, such as fever, whether there are side effects from dental treatment or symptoms. side effects from vaccines In case of urgent dental emergency can ask for advice and get advice including assessing symptoms from a dentist
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Re: Dentist says Covid-19 vaccine doesn't affect dental work

Post by marcumharrison1 » Jul 23rd, 07:30

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