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by crick
Apr 25th, 12:01
Forum: Alkaline Success Log - Before & Afters
Topic: Well - fasten your seatbelts
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I have just started and reading your blog and all the others gives me great hope. Crick :D :D :x
by crick
Apr 25th, 10:07
Forum: Acid Alkaline Diet Simplified Customers
Topic: Coconut Oil
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Coconut oil

I have been using Nulife coconut oil that I buy on the net 400 ml jar approx. $14A cheeper buy the dozen which is the way I buy it.. The pack includes a DVD of benefits.. I use it on skin, hai and scalp and also as a spread, cooking oil and in cereal or by the spoonful. DELICIOUS.
by crick
Apr 25th, 09:55
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Getting started
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Getting started

I have just bought the program and have adopted some of the suggestions and am attempting the ten day challenge. I am overweight and have a mobility problem related to Charcot Marie Tooth disease. Because of this I am unable to exercise much. I aim to be as healthy as can be with less weight which w...