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by albertolondon
Jun 21st, 09:17
Forum: Alkaline Success Log - Before & Afters
Topic: Craig's Success Almanac
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Craig's Success Almanac

21st June. Summer solstice. Lots of hopes and the commitment to deliver. I'm going to follow the course and stick with it. Farewell, acidity. Hello, alkalinity.
by albertolondon
Jun 21st, 09:09
Forum: Introduce Yourself
Topic: Day 1
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Day 1

My current health conditions: - Type 1 diabetic - managing fairly well, but... - Lack of vitality and spark - ginseng and guarana don't seem to help. And I probably drink too much coffee. - A slight gut. I work out (running, the gym) 1-2 times a week but I don't eat right. I fall into cheesy/breadie...