How To Add a Free Alkaline Food Chart or Acidity Test on Your Page
& Get Paid...

How it works:

We offer a free food chart & acidity test that you can add to your page.

There is a link at the bottom where the visitor can get a complete chart that lists all the foods. Our site also offers people information about alkaline foods & diet where we they can purchase the alkaline diet course.

If anyone buys a product after viewing your page, then we also pay you 50% of any sales (average payout is $46).

Also, these widgets are designed so people only have to view your page containing it. The visitor gets your affiliate cookie just by visiting your page so you can may make sales even if they don't follow the link but come to our site later.


Here is an example of a site that places one of our charts on their page.

Last month we paid out $444.76 to this website on just this 1 page.

Why place the tools on your page:

- Give your visitors useful and attractive content. They will like your site more.
- Get paid $46 for any sales. (This is much higher than average Google AdSense or earnings.)

How you get paid:

This is handled through They will send you a check or bank deposit weekly for any sales you make. You can also check your stats there at any time.

If you don't have an account you can sign up for a free one here:

Step 1: Enter Your Clickbank ID

Enter your clickbank id here:

Step 2: Choose a Tool

Alkaline food chart - Contains the alkaline pH rating for all food. Good to place on any relevant webpage in your main body.

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Discover How Alkaline Foods Work & Download The Complete List of Alkaline Foods


Vertical alkaline food chart - Can be placed next to your content or in blog sidebars.

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Discover How Alkaline Foods Work & Download The Complete
List of Alkaline Foods


Acidity test - quiz that tests people on their acidity of their diet and lifestyle. It rates them at the end and offers more info on improving their alkalinity.

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Discover How Alkaline Foods Work & Download The Complete List of Alkaline Foods


Blog/webpage post with intro to the importance of alkalizing where you can place a food chart or test on the same page?

Use the Get Article button below to get a complete blog or article post where you can embed the test and chart. This is a simple way to create a page on your site and be ready to go.

Click this image for an example of what it can look like (the chart could be added to the end of the article):

Note: Check the FAQ if you are using wordpress, you have to install a simple plugin to allow flash on your site.


Step 3: Add the code to your website


I noticed in the code there is an iframe with the correct affiliate link but on the bottom 2 links it doesn't?

The iframe adds the cookie as soon as the person hits your page. So if they follow those links then you still get credited. If they leave your site and find ours through search then you also get credited there too.

You can test it by going to your page then checking the affiliate id at the bottom on a payment link: eg.

How do I install these on Wordpress blogs?

If you are using wordpress then by default you can't add flash objects. But, you can install a simple plugin from your admin panel that allows it. Just search for "Kimili flash embed" and install it. No configuration needed. Flash will then load fine on your pages.

I have no idea how to install them or how to link in terms of making commission?

First you need to sign up for a clickbank account. There is a link explaining this above. Then in step 1 on this page you enter the clickbank login you sign up with.

Next you click the "Get Code" button for the tool you want to add to your site. Just copy that code then go to the webpage source code you want to install it on and paste it in the correct position. Upload the file and you're done.